About Me and Us

I moved to NYC just after college to pursue a career as a professional dancer, which I did until I was 27. (1985.) I found a wonderful home in a raw loft in Tribeca with two guys. 

I lived there for 15 years and made jokes that I married off every man who lived with me. I have five older brothers and no sisters. And then. I got married at age 37.
Before we married, we bought a loft together in Northern Tribeca, which at the time was largely undeveloped.
I suppose, like everyone in Tribeca in those days, we sold and bought and then sold again.

I rented for seven years after that in a small co-op across from an uninhabited old factory. The 10 owners were a true mix of old and new Tribeca and were so eclectic bordering on crazy, that one of our writer-neighbors wrote a play about these grumpy tenants riding up and down in the century-old elevator. Then, the building across the street was developed. I had never had neighbors whose apartments I looked directly into, until “Ken” and “Barbie” moved in. There is way more to that story but at some point,  I said, “these are not my people,” and decided to move.

After touring many, many neighborhoods every weekend for months, we (my boyfriend, Roy, of many years) decided on Crown Heights. I respect that gentrification can be scary, even ugly (the new tenants in Tribeca were not warm or friendly in any way. My best friends were the UPS guy and the Mail lady. And perhaps the corner bodega owner.)

My intention here is to help bridge the old and the new with weekly news and profile local residents and business owners, new and old. Crown Heights is a very special place and with the help of the community, we can all maintain the culture, despite the gentrification. I hope you all agree and I welcome anyone to contribute.

With love and a smile, Connie and Roy